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Marketing Lessons from Kim Kardashian’s Curves


By Christina Mayer

Marketing Manager at

So, after earning almost $43 Million from her game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Kim made another buzz on the internet with her Paper Mag image of err.. arse?

Yes, since it’s really NSFW (not safe for work, I’ll just post her Instagram link here for you to see for yourself. The image was very absurd in the sense that her “bottom” was completely exposed in the internet (despite the fact that her arse was already seen by some others through her scandals and other magazine covers), and I bet it would cause her popularity to boom once more.

I adore Kim for her ingenuity in stepping in the startup world by venturing it with her mobile game. Although some people saw that in a negative way, the Kardashian princess only shrugged it off. Of course, we have no right to judge her with her posts because she can really flaunt her stuff (I wish I got her guts), but posting it on the internet may not be the best option for her? And with the image tagline Break the Internet? Kim, you in the ride of your life, girl!

Anyway, I am not eating your reading time about arse ethics or something. I just want to point out how something like that could be related to marketing. It’s all about online buzzimpression, and reputation.


Seriously, I bet you have your own impressions after seeing her images. In reality, we cannot assure that all our customers will have the same impression. Everyone has their own perceptions when it comes to different topics and subjects. With that move, she sure made an impression, but that will depend on how her audience will digest that impression. This will either build up or destroy her reputation (which we will discuss later).

Online Buzz

One of the few things that every online marketer has to accomplish is to create an online buzz that will direct your internet audience’s attention to your brand. Of course, there are several steps that you could try out to create that certain buzz. You could either start an intriguing statement or debate. You could try out contests. You could create video ads that can trigger the emotional buttons of you audience. Or, you could also post your curves with the tagline Break the Internet on your Instagram account.

One thing that triggered her social sensationalism is the tagline Break the Internet. That certain provoking statement lead many internet users to actually show her how internet can break her by creating dozens of images mocking her shoot with the #breaktheinternet tag.


Now, here comes the more complex part about creating a buzz on the internet. Will that certain hype be good or bad in your reputation?

Creating a buzz on the internet is good in such a way that it creates an impression (notice the neutrality of the word) and attention. These 2 things attract more viewers, which will be exposed eventually with your brand. As we have said earlier, this will be either be negative or positive.

Let’s look at Kim Kardashian’s reputation. As for me, it will not “teeter” her current reputation as the majority of the public already saw her curves. But for possible future partners (and some kids who enjoy playing her mobile game), it could be a slight turn-off.

But as for now, let us wait until the internet gets tired of going for her shoot.

How about you? What can you say about Kim’s arsenal? Will it affect her career and her marketing reputation? Will Paper Mag benefit more from Kim’s hype? Leave a comment below and let us hear your opinion about it!

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