Customer Identity Management

CIMAn identity economy is emerging, and consumer identity data is the new gold.

Consumer identity data powers contextualized and personalized service offerings such as targeted marketing campaigns, personalized Web browsing and product recommendations.

Start turning anonymous site visitors into known customers with the ability to identify and understand users across your web properties, mobile applications and marketing channels

As KOZ Partners we work with Gigya, as Turkey’s only Gigya Solution Provider.

Deployed in 46 countries, Gigya reaches 1.5 billion users each month with secure, reliable and robust data insights.

Let us serve you as some of the worlds largest brands and help you turn unknown users into loyal & engaged brand champions.

Social Login

Social Login increases registration and minimizes barriers to site entry by reducing the need for usernames and passwords, allowing users to authenticate using their existing social media identities and pre-verified user accounts.

Social Login provides permission-based access to users’ first-party identity data, so you can start delivering personalized experiences that build lucrative relationships.

Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS)

RaaS provides a complete, flexible set of online registration tools for integrating an end-to-end registration system across your web properties and mobile applications, complete with user validation, profile management and responsive design.

Easily deploy pre-built workflows for both social and traditional customer authentication, or choose from three levels of customization capabilities. With Gigya powering your registration flows, our solutions aim to create beautiful interfaces that reflect your brand and desired customer experience.

Loyalty & Gamification

Create an engaging brand experience by incentivizing users with points, badges and special offers for performing value actions on your site or app, which you can consolidate to form a more complete view of your customer and improve loyalty and retention.

Designed with your brand objectives in mind, we can help you create a gamified experience and develop engagement scoring by creating challenges, assigning values to site actions, uploading achievements and more, all from a web-based game mechanics dashboard.

We can even help customize the experience and reward desired behaviors with out-of-the-box, socially-integrated and customizable plugins for achievement showcases, activity feeds, leaderboards, progress bars and real-time notifications.

With Gamification Analytics at your side; gain insight into key metrics like top users or daily activities, and rank users by social loyalty and customer engagement. Build out more rich, actionable user profiles by effectively tying user identities to on-site behaviors.

Customer Insights & Insights Plus

Customer Insights. Truly understand the people and behaviours that drive revenue for your business and visualize the first-party demographic data of any user who connects with your brand, including his or her age, gender, relationship status, location and more. Enhance audience understanding and identify key influencers all from a simple, web-based dashboard.

Customer Insights Plus. Gain a deeper understanding of your users with the ability to view their Facebook Likes, favorite brands and more. View and segment users by interest, demographic and influencer data using pre-built or custom filters. Build reports and export audience segments to existing third-party marketing platforms to reach users with relevance at scale.

Social Engagement

Create an interactive experience while building more complete user profiles with fully-integrated, out-of-the-box social plugins. With a Social Engagement package, customers will be able to instantly share, comment, live chat, review & rate your content and products to multiple social networks with just one click.

Gain actionable insights around your customers’ interests and opinions by monitoring their sharing habits, and keep this valuable data protected, secure and compliant to with today’s Social Network policies.

Social Plugins include: 

  • Share
  • Comments
  • Activity feed
  • Live Chat
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Reactions