Indoor Marketing Solutions

indoorIndoor Marketing is changing the way that retailers, consumers and brands think about operations, marketing and the customer experience.  Indoor location use smart devices signals to calculate how much time a consumer spends in certain aisles and at what displays he stops.  It generates data that is analyzed and visualized through our technology solution to understand consumer behavior and improve customer experience.

Indoor positioning we can provide will help shoppers with tasks such as locating products on shelves, calling for assistance, and accessing in-store services as well as  enable retailers to engage shoppers in real time as they shop.

More over, as well as your retail business, our indoor solutions can be implemented at your Exhibition Centers, Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Warehouses and more to ensure similar efficiency and engagement with your target audiences.

So if you are running a business indoor space, let KOZ Partners help you make your location smart!